Covid19 information

Dear Guests and friends,

we would like to share with you how we are going to run our little B&B in the face of the current situation, to keep everybody safe, happy and enjoying their stay here at Mornish Schoolhouse!

We will only have two parties at anyone time in the house. A party can be a couple or a family group.

One party downstairs and one party upstairs.

This will allow for social distancing and stop cross contamination.

I will serve breakfast on a tray for you, as before with homemade jam, homemade bread, homemade yogurt, muesli, cornflakes, granola etc. and a boiled egg from our hens to your liking.

The minimum stay will now be three nights.

Cost per room will be £75 with breakfast.

( I am sorry, I will not be able to offer a reduction for single occupancy at the moment, as we are restricted to two parties.)


In line with Scottish Government guidance:

• If anyone in your party presents with symptoms of Covid-19 at any time prior to arrival (including while travelling), they (together with anyone that they have been in contact with) must return home immediately and follow the Government guidance issued in the country in which they live.

• If anyone in your party presents with symptoms of COVID-19 while staying here at Mornish Schoolhouse, you must advise us immediately, arrange for a test under Scotland's "Test and Protect" scheme and the whole party must isolate until you have the results. If the test is negative, everyone can end isolation. If the test is positive, the whole party will be required to isolate in line with the Scottish Government's prevailing guidelines. You will not be able to travel home as CalMac will not carry anyone who has the virus. If you need to stay at Mornish Schoolhouse beyond the original departure date of your booking, you will be charged at the advertised daily rate for the length of time you remain in the property plus a period of 72 hours after your departure to allow us to clean the property safely. You may wish to consider taking out insurance to cover this eventuality.

We are looking forward to welcome you in these unprecedented times.