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Sorry - Blogging is not our strength...

posted 4 Apr 2016, 14:53 by Mornish Schoolhouse

...  well not sure what is better, not to blog at all or as sporadically as we only seem to manage this...
Life just usually takes over and we all prefer to be outside in the gardens, in Mull's beautiful nature or acutally spend time chatting to our guests...

This photo is taken on a walk around the headland of Calgary bay to Callach, looking out to the Treshnish headland (to the left) and the Treshnish Islands (to the right).
Light is coming back to the Island and with it nature wakes up, daffodils can be seen all over the place now and our daughter even spotted the first bright green appearing on the larch trees. Her words were "It is hard to believe that in only one month everything is going to be green again!"
With this exciting expectation we wish you all a beautiful spring time!

Magic of nature

posted 9 Mar 2014, 10:17 by Mornish Schoolhouse

As the days become longer there is no stopping natures fecundity...!

Our older hen "Browny' has started laying her beautiful blueish eggs again.
But just look at that, one of our young hens has laid her first egg TODAY too! The joy is great!
I will make sure to collect some of the blue shelled eggs for my Easter decoration this year!

sheltering the storms

posted 11 Feb 2014, 13:05 by Mornish Schoolhouse   [ updated 11 Feb 2014, 13:26 ]

February has brought a cold breath of winter at last and our hens seek shelter by our front door. Snow flurries and hail showers race in from the west behind them bringing skies of sharp intense sunbursts. Beautiful month February.

Happy new year

posted 4 Jan 2014, 09:16 by Mornish Schoolhouse

We wish all our visitors a very happy, peaceful and healthy new year 2014!

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